AASHTO Designation:T 320-07 pdf free download

Standard  Method of Test for

Determining  the  Permanent  Shear  Strain and

 Stiffness of Asphalt Mixtures  Using the  Superpave Shear  Tester   (SST)

AASHTO Designation: 320-07


AASHTO Designation: 320-07 pdf free download

1.1.This standard provides performance-related test procedures for the determination of stiffness and permanent shear strain of asphalt mixtures using the Superpave  Shear Tester (SST).

Modified and unmodified asphalt mixtures can be tested and analyzed using this standard.

1.2.This standard is applicable to specimens prepared in a laboratory or cored from a pavement for post-construction analysis.

It is intended for use with specimens having the following minimum dimensions:

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