AASHTO Designation:T 143-04 pdf free download

Standard  Method  of Test for

Sampling and Testing Calcium Chloride

for  Roads  and Structural  Applications

AASHTO Designation:T 143-04

ASTM Designation: D 345-02

AASHTO Designation:T 143-04 pdf free download

AASHTO   T 143-04  is identical  to ASTM  D 345-02  except  for the following  provisions:

  1. All references to ASTM  Standards  C 136 and D 98 shall  be replaced  with AASHTO Standards  T 27 and M 144, respectively.
  2. Replace  Section  5 of ASTM  D 345-02  with  the following:
  3. Sampling

5.1 Sa/id-Sample    a shipment  of the solid  form  calcium  chloride  for test purposes  by selecting  not less than three  containers   at random  from the shipment.  Sample  each of the containers  by scraping  aside  the top layer to a depth  of approximately   25 mm (1 in.) and taking  0.5-kg  (1-lb)  samples  by means  of a sampling  thiefor   other  method  that will  ensure  a

sample  that  is representative    of a cross  section  of the material  in the container   to a depth  of at least  152 mm (6 in.).  Take precautions   during  the sampling  operation  to avoid  exposing  the

sample  unduly  to atmospheric   moisture.  Immediately   and thoroughly  mix the individual samples  to form  a representative    composite  sample  of material  and store  in a sealed  glass  or suitable  plastic  container.

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