AASHTO Designation: T 72-97 (2005) pdf free download

Standard  Method of Test for

Saybolt Viscosity

AASHTO Designation: T 72-97 (2005)

 ASTM Designation: D 88-94 (1999)

AASHTO Designation: T 72-97 (2005) pdf free download

AASHTO T 72-97 (2005) is identical to ASTM D 88-94 (1999), except for the following provisions:

1.All references to ASTM standards listed in the following table shall be replaced with the corresponding AASHTO standard.

Referenced Standards

ASTM                               AASHTO

D 93                                      T73

D 140                                   T40

D244                                     T 59

D2170                                   T 201

E 11                                          M92

2.Replace Sections 6.2 with the following:

Withdrawal Tube, as shown in Figure 2, or other suitable device.

3.Replace Section 6.3 with the following:

Thermometer Support. One suitable design is shown in Figure 3.

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