AASHTO Designation T 50-99 (2003) pdf free download

Standard  Method  of Test for

Float  Test  for  Bituminous Materials

AASHTO Designation: T 50-99 (2003)

ASTM Designation: D 139-95 (2001t1

AASHTO Designation T 50-99 (2003) pdf free download

AASHTO T 50-99 (2003) is identical to ASTM D 139-95 (200It   1     except as follows:

1.All references to the ASTM standards contained in ASTM D 139-95 (200lt1,  listed in the following table,

shall be replaced with the corresponding AASHTO standard

           Referenced  Standards          

ASTM                     AASHTO

0140                        T40

D 244                      T59

D 2170                    T 201

2.Revise the second sentence of Section 7 .3 to include the following:

“The residue may also be poured from the still directly into a tin or small container which

shall be maintained at the proper temperature for pouring. The temperature of the residue shall

be verified during pouring by inserting the 30 AWG gauge wire thermocouple probe into the residue while it is poured out of the

container into the collar.

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