AASHTO Designation T 326 pdf free download

Standard  Method of Test for

AASHTO Designation T 326


AASHTO Designation T 326 pdf free download

1.1.This method describes the determination of the loose uncompacted void content of a sample of coarse aggregate.

When measured on any aggregate of a known grading, void content provides an indication of the aggregate’s angularity, sphericity,

and surface texture compared with other coarse aggregates tested in the same grading.

1.2.Three procedures are included for the measurement of void content.

Two use graded coarse aggregate (standard grading or as-received grading), and the other uses several individual size fractions for void content determinations:

1.2.1.Standard Graded Sample (Method A)-This  method uses a standard coarse aggregate grading that is obtained by combining individual sieve fractions from the maximum density curve drawn from the maximum coarse aggregate size.

See the section on Preparation of Test Samples for the grading.

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