AASHTO Designation: T 227-02 (2006} pdf free download

Standard   Method  of Test for

Density Relative Density (Specific Gravity) or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and 

Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer   Method

AASHTO Designation:  T 227-02 (2006}

ASTM Designation:  D 1298-99 (2005) except for the following provision:

AASHTO Designation: T 227-02 (2006} pdf free download

1.Insert a note after Section 5.2 containing the following:

Note: This method may be used for the determination of the specific gravity of tars by use of an additional appropriate hydrometer.


I.I   This test method covers the laboratory determination using a  glass hydrometer, of  the  density, relative  density (specificgravity), or API gravity of crude

petroleum,petroleum products, or mixtures of petroleum and nonpetroleum products normally handled as liquids, and having a Reid vapor pressure of 101.325 kPa

(14.696 psi) or less.

1.2 Values are measured on  a  hydrometer at either  the reference temperature or at another convenient temperature, and readings corrected to the reference

temperature by means of the Petroleum Measurement Tables; values obtained at other than the reference temperature being hydrometer readings and not density


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