AASHTO Designation: T 226-90 (2004) pdf free download

Standard  Method  of Test for

Triaxial Compressive Strength of Undrained

Rock Core Specimens without Pore Pressure Measurements

AASHTO Designation: T 226-90 (2004)

ASTM Designation: D 2664-86


AASHTO Designation: T 226-90 (2004) pdf free download

1.1.This test method covers the determination of the strength of cylindrical rock specimens in an undrained state under triaxial compression loading.

The test provides data useful in determining the strength and elastic properties of rock, namely:

shear strengths at various lateral pressures, angle of internal friction (angle of shearing resistance), cohesion intercept, and Young’s modulus.

It should be observed that this method makes no provision for pore pressure measurements.

Thus the strength values determined are in terms of total stress, that is, not corrected for pore pressures.

1.2.The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as the standard.

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