AASHTO Designation: T 202-03 (2007) pdf free download

Standard  Method of Test for

Viscosity  of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary


AASHTO Designation: T 202-03 (2007)

ASTM Designation: D 2171-01

AASHTO Designation: T 202-03 (2007) pdf free download

AASHTO T 202-03 (2007) is identical to ASTM D 2171-01 except for the following provisions:

1.The following reference is added:

R 16, Regulatory Information for Chemicals Used in AASHTO Tests.

2.In the second sentence of Section 6.2, change “47°C” and “47°F” to “47C” and “47F,” respectively.

3.In the first sentence of Section 6.4, change “40.0 kPa 300 mm Hg” to “40.0 kPa

(300 mm Hg)”.

4.In Table Xl.1,  change the viscosity range for Viscometer Size Number 12 to “36 to 800 Pa-s

(360 to 8000 P)”.

5.In Table X3.I, change the approximate calibration factor for Viscometer Size Number 25, Bulb D from “.007” to “0.07”, and change the title to “Standard Viscometer Sizes, Capillary Radii, Approximate Calibration Factors, K, and Viscosity Ranges for Modified Koppers Vacuum Capillary Viscometer”.

6.Replace Section X4.3.l.7, with the following:

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