AASHTO  Designation:  T 201-03  (2007) pdf free download

AASHTO  Designation:  T 201-03  (2007)

ASTM  Designation:  D 2170-01a

Standard  Method of Test for

AASHTO  Designation:  T 201-03  (2007) pdf free download

AASHTO T 201-03 (2007) is identical to ASTM D 2170-0la  except for the following provisions:

All references to ASTM D 92 shall be replaced with AASHTO T 48.

Add reference to R 16, Regulatory Information for Chemicals Used in AASHTO Tests.

2.Delete the 1   in front of cm2/s in the fourth sentence of Section 3.1.2.

3.Replace Section 8.2 with the following:

8.2 Maintain the bath at the test temperature within ±0.03°C (±0.05°F). Apply the necessary corrections, if any, to all thermometer readings.

4.Add a last sentence to Section A2.3.3.l  as follows:

When the sample travels through capillary R and fills bulb A approximately half full, arrest its flow by placing a stopper in tube L.

5.Add a last sentence to Section A2.3.3.3 as follows:

This 15-minute period is part of and not in addition to the equilibration time of A2.3.4.

6.Revise the second sentence of Section A2.3.5 to read as follows:

For the Zeitfuchs cross-arm viscometer a

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