AASHTO Designation; T 105-081 pdf free download

Standard Method of Test for

Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement

AASHTO  Designation; T 105-081

ASTM  Designation: C 114-06e1


AASHTO Designation; T 105-081 pdf free download

1.1.These test methods cover the chemical analyses of hydraulic cements.

Any test methods of demonstrated acceptable precision and bias may be used for analysis of hydraulic cements, including analyses for referee and certification purposes, as explained in Section 3.

Specific chemical test methods are provided for ease of reference for those desiring to use them.

They are grouped as Reference Test Methods and Alternate Test Methods.

The reference test methods are long accepted classical chemical test methods, which provide a reasonably well-integrated basic scheme

of analysis for hydraulic cements.

The alternative test methods generally provide individual determination of specific components and may be used alone or as alternates and determinations within the basic scheme at the option of the analyst and as indicated in the individual method.

The individual analyst must demonstrate achievement of acceptable precision and bias, as explained in Section 3, when these methods

are used.

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