AASHTO Designation: R 37-041 pdf free download

Standard  Recommended   Practice  for

-Applicat-ion-of-Gr-0und-P-enetrating Radar  (GPR)  to Highways

AASHTO Designation: R 37-041


AASHTO Designation: R 37-041 pdf free download

1.1.This recommended practice would provide guidance to the highway engineer in the application of non-contact ground penetrating radar to transportation facilities.

It is intended to instruct the engineer as to the specific  uses of non-contact radar for pavement layer thickness surveys,  quality control of new pavement

construction, evaluation of granular base material, identifying zones of asphalt stripping,  and assessment of bridge decks.

GPR has numerous applications for the transportation  industry,  but at this time requires extensive training in its use and interpretation of the data output, as well

as experience in local pavement conditions.


2.1. ASTM Standard:

D 4748,  Standard Test Method for Determining the Thickness of Bound Pavement Layers

Using  Short-Pulse Radar

2.2. Federal Standard:

FHWAITX-92/1233-1, Implementation of the Texas Ground Penetrating Radar System,

Texas Transportation Institute with the Federal Highway Administration, 1992.

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