AASHTO Designation: R 16-04 pdf free download

Standard  Recommended   Practice  for

Regulatory Information  for

Chemicals Used  in AASHTO Tests

AASHTO Designation: R 16-04


AASHTO Designation: R 16-04 pdf free download

1.1.This recommended practice provides a reference  listing  of chemicals  used in the various AASHTO Test Methods  (see Table 1  ).

It includes current regulatory codes and hazard classifications.

The list does not include radiation hazards. This practice is not intended as a substitute  for law or regulation.

1.2.The chemical list must be provided to all laboratory employees engaged in performing AASHTO tests.  In addition,  all laboratory  employees  must be trained in

proper handling procedures as stated in the OSHA 1910 .1200   Hazard Communication  Standard or governing state regulation.

Laboratories performing AASHTO tests shall establish  a Chemical  Hygiene Plan as set out in

29 CFR 1910.1450, including the training requirements therein.

1.3.This practice supplements data found in MSDSs supplied by manufacturers.

This practice is for quick reference ability and is  not intended to replace MSDSs.

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