AASHTO Designation: R 15-00 (2004) pdf free download

Standard  Recommended   Practice  for

Asphalt – Additives- and– Modifiers

AASHTO Designation: R 15-00 (2004)


AASHTO Designation: R 15-00 (2004) pdf free download

This standard recommended practice covers the laboratory  testing required  to evaluate asphalt additives  and modifiers in both neat asphalt and in asphalt-

aggregate  hot mixtures.

The terms “additive”  and “modifier” are used interchangeably and are broadly interpreted to include any materials  added to asphalt binder in minor amounts,

other than mineral  fillers,  sand, and aggregates, whose purported effect is to improve the performance and service life of pavements or maintenance materials  by

improving the properties of the asphalt binder and/or hot mix asphalt.

Following is  a list of the common purposes for which an additive/modifier may be added:

Anti-Rutting (permanent deformation).


Thermal  Cracking (low temperature cracking, thermal  fatigue cracking).

Load-Associated   Fatigue Cracking.

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