AASHTO Designation: M 82-75 (2004) pdf free download

Standard Specification for

Cutback Asphalt (Medium-Curing Type)

AASHTO Designation:  M 82-75 (2004)


AASHTO Designation M 81-92 (2004) pdf free download

This specification  covers liquid petroleum products, produced by fluxing an asphaltic base with suitable petroleum  distillates,  to be used in the treatment  of road surfaces.

e values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard.



The cutback asphalt shall show no separation or curdling prior to use and shall not foam when heated to the application  temperature.


Cutback asphalt of the grade designated  shall conform to the requirements  shown in Table  1.


Sampling  and testing cutback asphalt (medium-curing type) shall be in accordance with the following standard methods of the AASHTO standards:

  • T 40, Sampling Bituminous Materials
  • T 44, Solubility of Bituminous Materials
  • T 49, Penetration of Bituminous  Materials
  • T 51, Ductility of Bituminous  Materials
  • T 55, Water in Petroleum Products and Bituminous Materials  by Distillation
  • T 72, Saybolt Viscosity
  • T 78, Distillation of Cutback Asphaltic (Bituminous)  Products
  • T 79, Flash Point with Tag Open-Cup Apparatus for Use with Material Having a Flash Less

Than 93.3°C (200°F)

  • T 102, Spot Test of Asphaltic Materials
  • T 201, Kinematic Viscosity of Asphalts (Bitumens)
  • T 202, Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometer

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Click here to download AASHTO Designation: M 81-92 (2004) pdf free download

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