AASHTO Designation: M 318-02 (2006) pdf free download

Standard  Specification for

Glass  Cullet  Use  for

Soil-Aggregate  Base  Course

AASHTO Designation: M 318-02 (2006)


AASHTO Designation: M 318-02 (2006) pdf free download

1.1.This  specification covers processed  glass cullet intended for use as a granular road base material.

When properly processed and mixed with natural or crushed aggregate,

hauled to and properly spread and compacted on a prepared grade to appropriate density standards, glass cullet can be

expected to provide adequate stability and load support for use as road or highway bases.

Material described in this specification is not intended to be used in treated or stabilized pavement layers.

This specification  is intended for use in conjunction with M 147 or with the requirements of the local jurisdiction specifying  the properties of natural or crushed aggregate used in the base course.

It is not intended for use in base courses in locations where surfacing will not be placed over the base.

Note 1-The  engineer is advised to provide appropriate construction specifications  to ensure that sufficient compaction is achieved so that further densification of

the completed pavement from traffic loadings will be insignificant.

The method requires compaction of the material at a suitable moisture content on a firm foundation of a short control strip by means of vibratory or other proven

effective rollers or tampers, until no further increase in density results. Compaction requirements should ensure that the average density of the final base course is

an appropriate percentage of the maximum density obtained for the control strip;  for base courses, achieving on average 98 percent of the maximum control strip density  is suggested.

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