AASHTO Designation: M 315-07 pdf free download

Standard  Specification   for

Joints    for  Concrete   Pipe  and

Manholes,  Using   Rubber   Gaskets

AASHTO  Designation:   M 315-07                                                   

ASTM Designation:   C 443-05a


AASHTO Designation: M 315-07 pdf free download

1.l This specification  covers flexible watertight  joints  for concrete pipe and precast manhole sections, using rubber gaskets for sealing the joints, where infiltration or exfiltration is a factor in the design.

The specification covers the design of joints  and the  requirements  for  rubber  gaskets  to  be  used therewith, for pipe conforming in all other respects to Speci•

fication C 14,  Specification C 76,  or Specification C 507 and precast  manhole section conforming in all other respects  to Specification  C 478,  provided  that  if

there  is   conflict  in permissible  variations in dimensions  the requirements of this specification  for joints shall govern.

1.2  A complete metric companion to Specification C 443 has been developed-C   443M; therefore, no metric equivalents are presented in this specification.

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