AASHTO Designation: M 299-05 pdf free download

Standard Specificationfor

Coatings of Cadmium Mechanically  Deposited

AASHTO Designation: M 299-05

ASTM Designation:B 696-00 (2004t1


AASHTO Designation: M 299-05 pdf free download

1.1This specification covers the requirements for a coating of cadmium mechanically deposited on metal products.

The coating is provided in various thicknesses up to and including 12 µm.

1.2 Mechanical deposition greatly reduces the risk of hy• drogen embrittlement and  is  suitable for coating bores  and recesses  in many parts  that cannot be

conveniently electro• plated (sec  Appendix  X3).

1.3 Cadmium coatings are usually applied to provide engi• neering propenies and corrosion resistance.

The performance of a cadmium coating depends largely on its thickness and the kind of environment to which it is exposed.

Without proof of satisfactory correlation, accelerated tests such as the salt spray (fog) test cannot be relied  upon to predict performance in other environments, nor will these serve as comparative measures of the corrosion resistance afforded by coatings of different metals.

Thus,  although there is a marked superiority of cad• mium coatings over zinc coatings of equal thickness in the salt spray test,  this is  often not the case under

conditions of use, so that further testing in the service environment should be conducted.                                 ·

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