AASHTO Designation: M 298-05 pdf free download

Standard  Specification for

Coatings of Zinc  Mechanically

Deposited on Iron  and  Steel

AASHTO Designation: M 298-05

ASTM Designation: B 695-04

AASHTO Designation: M 298-05 pdf free download

AASHTO M 298-05 is identical to ASTM B 695-04 except that all references to the ASTM standards contained in ASTM B 695-04,

listed in the following table, shall be replaced with the corresponding AASHTO standard:


ASTM                 AASHTO

A 153                          M 232MIM 232

A 194                          M 292MIM 292

A 325                                   M 164

A 490                           M 253

A 563                              M 291


1.1This specification covers the requirements for a coating of zinc mechanically deposited on iron and  steel  basis metals.

The coating is provided in  several  thicknesses up to and including   l 07  µm.

The  seven  thickest    classes   arc  usually referred to as “mechanically   galvanized.”

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