AASHTO Designation: M 294-08 pdf free download

Standard  Specification for

Corrugated  Polyethylene  Pipe,

300-  to  1500-mm Diameter

AASHTO Designation: M 294-08


AASHTO Designation: M 294-08 pdf free download

This specification covers the requirements and methods of tests for corrugated polyethylene (PE)

pipe, couplings, and fittings for use in surface and subsurface drainage applications. Nominal sizes of 300 to 1500 mm are included.

Materials, workmanship, dimensions, pipe stiffness, environmental stress crack resistance, joining systems, brittleness, and form of markings are specified.

Corrugated polyethylene pipe is intended for surface and subsurface drainage applications where soil provides support to its flexible walls.

Its major use is to collect or convey drainage water by open gravity flow, as culverts, storm drains, etc.

Note 1-When  polyethylene pipe is to be used in locations where the ends may be exposed, consideration should be given to protection of the exposed portions due

to combustibility of the polyethylene and the deteriorating effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

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