AASHTO Designation: M 293M-06 pdf free download

Standard  Specification for

Hardened Steel  Washers [Metric]

AASHTO Designation:  M 293M-06

ASTM Designation: F 436M-04

AASHTO Designation: M 293M-06 pdf free download

AASHTO M 293M-06 is  identical to ASTM F 436M-04 except for the following provisions:

1.All references to the ASTM standards contained in ASTM F 436M-04, listed in the following table,

shall be replaced with the corresponding AASHTO standard.


ASTM                       AASHTO

2. Add Sections 10.3  and 4 to Section   IO of ASTM F 436M-04 as follows:

10.3  If zinc-coated washers are supplied, hardness testing shall be performed after zinc coating.

The zinc coating shall be removed prior to taking hardness measurements.

10.4 If zinc-coated washers are supplied, the thickness of the zinc coating shall be measured.

3.3. Replace Section 1l   of ASTM F 436M-04 with the following:

Click below to download AASHTO Designation: M 293M-06 pdf free

Click here to download  AASHTO Designation: M 293-06 pdf free download

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