AASHTO Designation M 269 pdf free download

Standard  Specification for

Turnbuckles and Shackles                              


AASHTO Designation M 269 pdf free download

1.1.Scope-This specification covers forged turnbuckles, with and without jam nuts,  and shackles  for guardrail,  sign supports, and similar uses.  These items are considered to be available commercially.  Not all classes,  styles, and types of turnbuckles  and shackles that are available commercially are covered by this specification.


1.2.1.Turnbuckles: covered by this specification  shall be forged and of the design specified by the purchaser. Sizes-Turnbuckles covered by this  specification shall be of the sizes listed  in Table 2, as specified.

1.2.2.Shackles: shall be one of the classes in Table 1, as specified by the purchaser.

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