AASHTO Designation: M 20-70 (2004) pdf free download

Standard Specification for

Penetration-Graded Asphalt Cement


AASHTO Designation M 20-70 (2004) pdf free download

This specification  covers the following five penetration  grades of asphalt binder for use in highway construction: 40 to 50, 60 to 70, 85 to 100,  120 to 150, and 200 to 300. For asphalt binders graded by viscosity,  see M 226

The values stated in SI units are to be regarded  as the standard.


Asphalt binder shall be prepared by the refining of crude petroleum  by suitable methods.


The asphalt binder shall be homogeneous,  free from water, and shall not foam when heated to l 75°C (347°F).

The various grades of asphalt binder shall conform to the requirements  given in Table 1.

Table  1-Requirements for Asphalt Binder

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