AASHTO Designation M 155-87 (2004) pdf free download

Standard Specification for

Granular Material  to Control

Pumping  Under Concrete Pavement

Standard Specification for

AASHTO Designation M 155-87 (2004) pdf free download

Requirements for Mixing Plants for Hot-Mixed, Hot-Laid Bituminous Paving  Mixtures

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ASTM Designation: D 995-95b (2002)

AASHTO  M 156-97  (2005) is identical to ASTM D 995-95b (2002) except for the following provisions:

1.All references to the ASTM  standards listed in the following table shall be replaced with the corresponding AASHTO standard.


C 136

D 140

Referenced Standards AASHTO T27


2.Replace  Section 4.2.4 with the following:

A sampling tap and valve shall be provided in the asphalt binder storage tank or in the feedline between the pump and the return line discharge.  The sampling valve shall be readily accessible  and free from obstructions.

An acceptable  sample valve detail is shown in T 40.

This specification  has been discontinued

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