AASHTO Designation M 154-06 pdf free download

Standard Specification for

Air-Entraining Admixtures for Concrete

AASHTO Designation:  M  154-06

AASHTO Designation M 154-06 pdf free download

AASHTO M 154-06  is identical to ASTM  C 260-01  except  for the following provision:

1. All references to the ASTM  Standards contained in ASTM  C 260-01  listed in the following table  shall be replaced with the corresponding AASHTO Standard.

Referenced Standards ASTM                                    AASHTO C 183                                       T 127

Cl85                                       Tl37

C233                                       Tl57

2. Section  1 of ASTM  C 260-01  shall be replaced with  the following:

8.1 Determine the properties enumerated in Section 6 in accordance with Test Method  C 233.

It is recommended that, whenever practicable, tests  be made  in accordance with the section  on Materials for Tests  for Specific  Uses  in Test Method C 233, using  the cementitious materials proposed for the specific  work.

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