AASHTO Designation M 107-04 pdf free download

Standard Specification for

Bronze Castings for

Bridges and  Turntables

ASTM Designation:  B 22-02     

AASHTO Designation M 107-04 pdf free download                                                           

AASHTO  M 107-04 is identical to ASTM B 22-02 except for the following:

1. All references to ASTM Standard E 10 contained  in ASTM B 22-02 shall be replaced with

AASHTO  Standard T 70.

  Designation:  B 22 – 02


Standard  Specification  for

Bronze Castings for  Bridges and  Turntables 1

This -taudard i.-3  issued under the fixed designation n 2J:

the number immediately followiue U1e designation  indicates the- year of orig inal adoption  or.

in the case of revision. the y tar of l”,i revision.

A number in parentheses  indicates the year of last reapproval.  A superscript

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